Refund Policy

When you buy our services, your purchase is covered by our 15-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you did not receive your purchase, late delivery (only if you notified us before delivery that there is no need to deliver the product, this notice will not be taken into account), then you can contact us for a refund. We serve the quality services that we use every day and have thousands of satisfied customers around the world, and our support is unrivaled. That's why we can afford to support our services with this special guarantee. To request a refund, just contact us with detailed information about your service within fifteen (15) days from the date of purchase. Please indicate the number of your order (sent by e-mail after TicketID order) and let us know why you are requesting a refund - we take the customer feedback very seriously and constantly use them to improve our products and quality of service. Refunds are not provided for services provided in full. Experts are not obligated to reimburse you for any reason and will be entitled to retain the full amount of your payment as compensation for the benefits associated with your issue.
A refund request is accepted only for the following reason
  • No services
  • No service is provided on time.
Paid return: - If the order is not delivered within the specified time, and the client asks us to stop working and return the amount, we will proceed to refund and your total amount will be refunded.
Refund denied: - If the order was not delivered within the time limit, but the customer completed the delivery of the order, and he did not inform us about the termination of work. This means that the customer agrees with late delivery and that our team has done everything possible to meet the customer's requirements.
In the case of a revision, if the payment period exceeds the refund request, this can not be done, since this is a customer check during the revision, and subsequent verification and modification may take time.
Your purchase does not meet your requirements, and you do not like other changes. You will need to request a refund at the same time (for partial missing needs, you can request a response, the support team will give you a brief overview and change assistance, but the refund will not be reflected in this case).
Refund request can not be accepted for reasons below
Refund can not be considered if you change your original requirement, which is indicated at the time of purchase.
E-mail, formally requesting a refund, will not be taken into account. You will need to provide proof and relevant documentation indicating a poor delivery of services.
Purchase of long written assignments - no refunds after full delivery of services. If you have a problem with the purchase, you can request changes / changes within 15 days of the delivery of your order. These orders take a long time, and if you have any problems, you can simply ask us for changes / revisions, we will give you a brief help within 15 days of the delivery of your order.
If you make certain changes / changes or long follow-up actions during the review, the refund request can not be accounted for. This shows that you agree with the solution provided.
A refund request can not be made without notifying us of problems / problems of purchase. (No refunds will be permitted unless you specify the reason for this.) You can contact us by email or by chat to show the reasons for the return. If you do not follow the policy, the refund is strictly prohibited.
You can request any changes / clarifications within 15 days of the delivery of the order. If you ask for changes or clarifications after 15 days, you will be asked to provide additional fees for expert help. You can not claim a refund in the same case.
Once you confirm your order, with a delivery time of more than 2 days, you will not be able to cancel your order after 2 hours. The cancellation or return of orders placed on the same day is not made.
We do not consider an individual ranking system. We believe that customer satisfaction and quality work in accordance with customer requirements. The refund request will continue if you indicate the relevant problems / reasons for the poor delivery of services. You will be answered promptly.
Privacy Policy / Solutions / Documents
This is a non-refundable order, for a pre-filled help section / training material / questions and answers available for immediate download. You can not require originality, because they are available after payment and are provided as a reference guide with very little speed. in an existing decision or direction.
These are pre-filled manuals / solutions / documents available for quick downloading and delivered to the customer immediately after payment, for a maximum of 1 to 2 hours or 6 hours. Sometimes orders for the night can be delivered within a maximum of 8 hours.
Authorized return:
  • If the customer did not receive the order within 24 hours
  • If the customer does not receive a reply within 24 hours, he informs us by e-mail or message before delivery that he no longer needs to be serviced.
Refund will not be allowed
  • If the customer requests changes that are not specified in the original requirement. (Requirement changed)
  • Maximum delivery time within 24 hours, this is a non-refundable order and after purchase, it can not be canceled if the solution is delivered or loaded.
A refund can not be made without justifications and corresponding reasons. A customer who has a problem with the purchase must send us an email with the corresponding proof of a bad problem with the delivery and purchase.
A partial refund request continues if your purchase is missing with certain requirements. (The amount of partial reimbursement will be determined by the management team after it has completed all the work)