Travel and Tourism Assignment

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Travel and tourism missions include such areas as hospitality, ecotourism, medical and educational tourism. Students receive assignments related to writing homework. Choosing a topic for travel and tourism is not an easy task if you do not get it from your college. Students can use Internet.
Themes for travel and tourist missions
  • Studying the hotel brand in hotels
  • Investigating the expectations of customers in cheap hotels
  • Differences in the culture of different countries and their impact on the client's decision
  • Factors affecting the choice of hotels among those who plan their honeymoon.
  • After analysis of tourism in countries.
  • The job of the travel site.

Touristic areas

Medicine: Developing and developing countries are facing a huge gap, more and more people are traveling to use those who are less pays.
Hospitality: hospitality refers to working in resorts, restaurants, hotels and casinos that are engaged in tourism. This includes the relationship between power and guests. Get help for the best service in the UK.
Dark: black or black tourism involves traveling to places associated with death, disasters, diseases, battlefields or natural disasters.
Ecotourism: this attracts the attention of those who are interested in environmental problems and cultural heritage, focusing on how tourists remain in harmony with the planet. You can find different themes of ecotourism.
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